Tribute to Madou Goita


Le Président de Seneyiriwaton/Kifosso était un partenaire clé du projet UE-APSAN-Mali et d’autres projets de l’ICRISAT au Mali depuis plusieurs années.

The President of Seneyiriwaton/Kifosso, Late Madou Goita was a key partner in the EU-APSAN-Mali project and others implemented by ICRISAT in Mali. He greatly valued the collaboration between scientists and the farmers. During an interview following the farmers’ field days of the UE-APSAN-Mali project in 2020, he stressed the importance of the relation and collaborative work between both farmers and researchers.  “Field trials and demonstrations plots are how productive, nutritious and high-yielding varieties are identified, evaluated and promoted in a very participatory and inclusive manner. Once the field trials are conclusive, it makes it easier to move on to demonstrations that will include an important number of members of in cooperatives. The world is changing and the climate too. To face this change, researchers are pursuing research and are making progress every day. As farmers, we need to follow the new development”.

Mr. Goita was given Mali’s National Agriculture Merit Medal for his contribution in the sector. The UE-APSAN-Mali project team extend their sincere condolences to his family, the members of the cooperative Seneyiriwaton and the entire agriculture comity in Mali.

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